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New Ingredients

Four raw materials are required for beer production: barley, hops, yeast and water. However, many other elements may enrich the brewing recipe besides these four traditional ones, and thus broaden the beer experience. For example, traditional hops flavour and bitterness may be diversified by addition of herbs, spices or fruits.


Our field of research is the identification and optimization of new natural ingredients used in beer and malt beverages. Use of natural products for bioflavouring meets consumer expectations in terms of product quality and novel beer and beverage experiences, and the diversity of potential ingredients is likely to satisfy all tastes. In the New Ingredients Platform we conduct screening of new natural ingredients based on their potential properties, purify and characterize them using modern analytical equipment, and monitor the molecules of interest and their behaviour in final product.

Besides flavouring, new ingredients could also add new novel functionalities to beverages. Non-alcoholic malted beverages are the ideal support for wellness and health-dedicated drinks. In relation to this, we have developed a new non-alcoholic fermentation process which allows creation of highly innovative products, to propose new drinking experiences to our consumers.

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