Together Towards ZERO & Beyond


Our Together Towards ZERO and Beyond (TTZAB) programme consists of our ambitions and concrete targets that address the environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics that are most material to our business and to wider society. As we work to achieve these, we are taking actions and delivering results towards our milestones in 2030 and 2040.

TTZAB is our response to global challenges such as inequality, climate change and water scarcity, as well as society’s increasing focus on health and well-being. The programme is anchored in our purpose of brewing for a better today and tomorrow, and is embedded into our overall corporate strategy.

Consequently, in pursuit of our targets, we are working to manage our most material business impacts responsibly, while taking actions that contribute positively to society. We will achieve our targets in partnership with our suppliers, customers, consumers and the communities where we operate, going Towards ZERO and Beyond, Together.

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Our actions towards ZERO

Rethinking packaging with the Fibre Bottle

Rethinking packaging with the Fibre Bottle

Reducing our beer-in-hand carbon footprint means innovating across our packaging portfolio. And innovations are best achieved in partnership with other experts. The paper bottle company, Paboco, is helping us achieve breakthroughs in our Fibre Bottle project, developing the world’s first 100% bio-based beer bottle made from sustainably sourced wood fibres.

Carlsberg Group joins the Planet Pledge

Carlsberg Group joins the Planet Pledge

In 2021, we joined major consumer businesses and advertisers from around the world in signing up to the World Federation of Advertisers' Planet Pledge.

Alcohol-free beer on tap

Alcohol-free beer on tap

When people go out, they want to enjoy a great beer with friends but sometimes they don’t want to feel the effect of alcohol, especially when they’re driving. At Carlsberg we’re working with partners to ensure that wherever consumers find our beers they can choose alcohol-free brews – even on tap.

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