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Sustainable innovations to create a better tomorrow

Snap Pack

At Carlsberg, we're constantly in pursuit of new ways to make probably the best beer in the world even better. And not just the way it tastes. To reduce waste, we're introducing our new snap pack, which uses a revolutionary glue technology. Stick with us for future innovations.

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Greener Green Ink

Ironically, it's the least environmentally friendly colour. That's why we've switched the ink on our pilsner bottle labels to be cradle to cradle certified silver inks* for better recycling. And the ink is made using renewable energy.

pH scale

Is brewing probably the best beer in the world an art or science? We believe it's a bit of both. As we proved in 1909 when, in our pursuit of making better beer, we happened to invent the pH scale - now a global scientific standard.

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Purifying yeast

In 1883, when we discovered how to purify yeast for better beer, our founder shared this knowledge freely with other brewers. That's why every good beer in the world probably has a bit of our know-how in it.