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Rebrewing the first quality beer using Carlsberg's original purified yeast

The unique history behind 1883

Imagine if you could taste the world's first quality beer with the original ingredients, exactly as it was brewed in the late 18th hundreds. Now, a group of scientists from Carlsberg Laboratory in Copenhagen has made that possible.

Employees at Carlsberg made a remarkable discovery in the old cellars under the brewery when they found an intact bottle that turned out to be one of the first Carlsberg beers brewed with the original pure yeast from 1883.

The scientists have miraculously been able to extract living yeasts cells from the 133-year-old bottle and took it upon themselves to recreate the original Carlsberg lager from 1883, using the original pure yeast.

The result, a lager beer with a historic taste, brewed on the same original yeast and recipe from 1883. 

The launch of Carlsberg 1883 marks one of the major breakthroughs in beer history. The new lager beer is a result of a research project called "the rebrew project", which the Carlsberg Laboratory kicked off with the help of a donation by the Carlsberg Foundation on the occasion of the laboratory's 140th anniversary.

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